What a weekend…

Hello all,
Well this weekend was quite a fun time! I took friday off because Michelle had teachers convention and her only day off all semester. We took a trip down to Copy Express (www.copyexpressyes.com) to give back the wedding invitation books (huge suckers). Because we were soooo close to Chicago, we took a little road trip down to Roselle, IL where michelle used to live. After a trip down memory lane we had the looooong trip back. (roselle pictures here)

We then dressed up in our cool costumes (michelle: farmer, paul: we-energies man) and took a trip to Miller Park way to party at Janets and Senas house. Some crazy costume were there, for a sneak peak check out the party pictures here.

And last but not least, the homecoming parade at UW-Whitewater. Michelle made out like a bandit with all the candy! I can just wait to see her on a sugar high later this week…. 🙂 Parade pictures here.