Hello again,
Another exciting weekend at our backs.

Thanksgiving was cool. Good food, and great family. (good leftovers too 🙂 ) We spent some time with Michelle’s family in Port Washington. Michelle forgot to tell me that her cousin was a computer science major… we could have talked about that instead of dead and frozen fish…. yea long story.

One of my friends was killed in a car accident on friday. He wasn’t a very close friend, but we’ve had our share of good times. He was always someone you could talk to, or just hang with. We’ll miss you Derek.

My little brother got into a car accident (he’s allright) an hour and a half before the wedding he was supposed to user in. While Michelle and I were driving seperatly to pick him up, michelle got rear ended near the same spot my brother got into an accident! (she’s ok too, just sad about her bumper on her cute car) So i went to get my brother and got to the wedding right as the Bride was walking out of the church. OH well…. everyeone was glad to see that we made it allright. The wedding was cool, he’s a marine so they had the Sabre arch and some other cool stuff. Good luck Katie! We’ll miss you!

Yup, another long weekend done. Oh yea, it’s snowing here now 🙂 ahhhh…..