Spring Break

As spring break is coming to a close, I would like to “rethink the week.”  This week was such a fun week to spend at home with my munchkins.  It started with Easter and the joy of Jesus’ resurrection!  Monday and Tuesday were spent at home potty training, cleaning, baking, cooking, and doing laundry.  It was nice to get caught up on the chores and once again have a clean house.  Wednesday and Thursday we had playdates with friends.  THat was fun and gave me some much needed girl talk and time with adults.  On Friday, Paul had off of work and it was a beautiful day.  We had family time at the gymnastics center and a picnic in the park.  Saturday and Sunday was windy but beautiful.  We spent the weekend having more family time.  Now, I’m grading papers and getting things ready for school.

Kaylee is officially potty trained.  It took just two days of having two accidents (Friday and Saturday) and on Easter she had one accident (but she almost made it).  After that there were no more accidents and she is doing great!  We’ll see how this week at the babysitter’s goes.  My big girl is growing up!!

It was also nice to get some homemade gifts done for birthdays and baptisms as well as keep working on Kaylee’s quilt and the scrapbooks that I have started.  I feel revitalized and refreshed and ready to put forth 110% to finish the school year!